Journal Entry for Bad Debts?


accounting student Q: What is the journal entry for bad debts?

The journal entry for bad debts (also called "doubtful debts") is as follows:

Debit Bad debts (expense account)
Credit Debtors control account

I have full lessons and a bunch of accounting questions and exercises for bad debts and also covering provision for bad debts in my accounting book.

Michael Celender

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Accounting treatment for Bad debts
by: Anonymous

Accounting Treatment for Bad Debts

Debit Bad Debts
Credit Sundry Debtors

After Bad debts Transfer to Profit and loss account

Profit and Loss account


Bad debtors

afsal naha

Answer for the question
by: Ameet Narayankhedkar

Bad debts A/c - Dr
To Debtors A/c - Cr

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