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Accounting Basics for Students is the best source of free basic financial accounting information - a site that has the simplest accounting tutorials, explanations and examples on the net!

My name is Michael Celender. I’ve been tutoring, lecturing and helping accounting students for a number of years. I created this site to help students and working professionals around the world learn financial accounting basics.

basic accounting book

This site is based entirely around an accounting book I wrote. The first six links in "BOOK CHAPTERS" in the navigation bar are the first six chapters in the accounting book itself. In other words: 

These 6 chapters on their own (52 accounting tutorials in total) are enough to give you a very solid understanding of accounting – basically a free accounting course online.

I recommend going through these lessons in order, starting with Basic Accounting Concepts. This is essential if you're new to the subject. But even if you're not new to accounting but just feel kinda confused, then you should just start from the first lesson and then move forward (the earlier lessons are pretty quick anyway). 

If you like the information on this site then you should buy my accounting book.

Not only does it contain all the lessons on this site (without any advertising!) but it also has additional lessons on special accounting topics, as well as plenty of exercises to test your understanding.

What else is on this site?

If you're looking for information on a specific accounting topic, use the "Search" tool. You can usually find this on the top-right of your screen or right at the bottom of the page. Use this search feature and it'll show all the web pages, lessons and accounting questions on this site that deal with your specific topic.

Accounting questions

Want to practice accounting questions?

There are two pages of questions and answers on the site:

Additionally, at the bottom of each of the 52 lessons on this site you can find questions related to that specific accounting topic which have been submitted by visitors, many of which have been solved for your benefit (if the questions have not yet been solved, you can help your fellow accounting students by adding a comment where you try to answer the question).

You can also post your own comments (and questions) using the Facebook comments sections, located at the bottom of every page. 

Finally, stay up to date with us by signing up for my accounting newsletter or by checking the Accounting Basics Blog (which lists the latest additions to the site).

All the best in your studies,

Michael Celender

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P.S. The accounting information presented on this site is in line with both U.S. and international accounting 101-type curricula, as accounting basics are virtually identical the world over. Only minor terms and methods may differ from one country to the next.

P.P.S. If you're a student, use this site as a supplement - not as a complete replacement - of your accounting textbook or lecturer. After all, you'll be tested on what your lecturer and textbook say, not on this site, right? Right.  :-)

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