A Basic Accounting Book 
(or Three)!

Looking for a basic accounting book to help you through your studies? You've come to the right place.

If you've enjoyed the content on this site, well, let me tell you: all 52 or so lessons here come directly from the Study Guide I'm going to describe below. And, more than just this first theory book - there's another two books in the Accounting Basics series that will help you study and practice accounting better than ever before, not to mention a compilation book of the entire series. See further below too for testimonials.

1. Accounting Basics: Study Guide

basic accounting book

Accounting Basics: Study Guide is the first volume in the Accounting Basics series. 

This basic accounting book contains all the lessons on this site - around 52 lessons in total.

Additionally, the Study Guide includes another 8 or so advanced lessons you won't find on this site, lessons on the following topics:

  • Inventory Returns and Freight
  • Bad debts
  • Provision for bad debts
  • Depreciation
  • Prepaid Income and Expenses
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Adjusting and Closing Entries

All-in-all you have approximately 60 lessons, each building one on top of the other, with simple, concise and clear explanations of accounting concepts and procedures, and over 130 diagrams and images to bring the subject to life.

Although written specifically for the Accounting Basics series, the Study Guide easily stands on its own and can be used as part of any accounting 101 curriculum or course.

It's a comprehensive theory book, tailor made for both high school and college students, and yet also very handy for working professionals looking to brush up on all the basic accounting concepts and practices.

The Study Guide is available on Amazon in softcover or as a Kindle e-book.

Please note that all the softcover and Kindle e-books on this page are available not only on Amazon (US) but also on Amazon's European and other websites, including Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, and Amazon.es.

* Retail prices for e-books listed on Amazon may vary - Amazon adjusts prices of Kindle e-books on their own. 

2. Accounting Basics: Workbook

accounting workbook

Accounting Basics: Workbook is the companion book of questions and exercises in the Accounting Basics series (Volume 2 in the series).

Although written as a companion to the Study Guide (Volume 1), this workbook easily stands on its own and can be used as part of any basic accounting course.

With 88 comprehensive questions and exercises, plus detailed solutions, you'll have plenty of practice to help you excel at the subject.

These are original exercises and questions created by the author and (apart from a basic accounting test here) are not available on this site at all - only available in the Workbook.

The questions and exercises cover all the theory on this site PLUS the new lessons included in the Study Guide. In other words, using this workbook you will be able to test yourself and practice:

  • Basic accounting concepts,
  • Recording journal entries for common transactions,
  • Formatting and balancing T-accounts,
  • Drawing up a trial balance,
  • Putting together the financial statements,
  • Creating cash flow statements,
  • Recording inventory as well as transactions for manufacturing businesses (sales, cost of goods sold, purchases, returns, manufacturing cost statement, etc.),
  • Calculating and recording depreciation, 
  • Bad debts and the provision/allowance for doubtful debts,
  • Bank reconciliations, 
  • Prepaid income and expenses,
  • Adjusting and closing entries (year-end), 
  • And more…

The Workbook is available on Amazon in softcover or as a Kindle e-book.

Please note that the questions and exercises in this workbook are original content created by the author and do not include any of the exercises and questions submitted by visitors to this site.

* Retail prices for e-books listed on Amazon may vary - Amazon adjusts prices of Kindle e-books on their own. 

3. Accounting Basics: Dictionary

basic accounting dictionary

Accounting Basics: Dictionary is the companion dictionary in the Accounting Basics series.

Like the other two volumes in the series, this pocketbook dictionary easily stands on its own and can be used as part of any accounting 101 curriculum or course, or simply as a reference book for your business.

It contains clear and concise definitions for over 300 accounting and business terms, from basic accounting terms like debtors, accruals, gross profit, as well as more advanced accounting terminology such as gearing, working capital, standard costing, etc.

 The dictionary also includes:

  • Investing and finance terms (such as securitiesliquidity, unit trusts, diversification)
  • Tax terms (such as deductionwithholding taxtaxable income), 
  • Banking terms (such as debit orderstop orderACB transfer), 
  • Economic terms (such as inflationbreak-even pointCPI), 
  • Commonly misunderstood business and legal terms (hire-purchase, remittance advicesequestrate, etc.). 

So not only will it provide you with all the accounting terms and definitions needed for a solid understanding of the subject, but many other business-related terminology as well.

The Dictionary is available on Amazon in softcover or as a Kindle e-book.

* Retail prices for e-books listed on Amazon may vary - Amazon adjusts prices of Kindle e-books on their own. 

Accounting Basics: Complete Guide

basic accounting book

Accounting Basics: Complete Guide is the compilation book of the Accounting Basics series, containing the Study Guide (Volume 1), Workbook (Volume 2) and Dictionary (Volume 3) — all in a single publication.

That’s right, all the theory from the Study Guide, all the questions, exercises and solutions from the Workbook and all the accounting and business terms from the Dictionary.

With over 360 pages of accounting theory and questions, the Complete Guide may just be the most comprehensive basic accounting guide in existence today.

This highly-rated guidebook includes:

  • 60 accounting lessons with simple explanations and examples,
  • Over 130 diagrams and images to bring the subject to life,
  • 88 questions and exercises to test your understanding as you move along, and
  • An accounting dictionary with over 300 accounting and business terms defined.

The Complete Guide is available on Amazon in softcover and is also available as a pdf e-book


"I am a QuickBooks instructor and also teach business accounting and financial literacy. I used Accounting Basics: Complete Guide at Western Colorado Community College in our adult ed classes. The book was a tremendous help, and got good feedback from my students, especially for the self-assessment sections. The exercises were great. Analyzing and recording transactions is what my class liked best. I would recommend the book for educational professionals and career-technical students."

- Karin Lichtenstein on Accounting Basics: Complete Guide

"The books have been perfect for our students and we continue to use them in each class (for their Associate in Occupational Science programs). I do not foresee any need to change them for any other."

- Joseph Roth, educational manager at Advanced Technical Institute (VA)

"I had to take a course in accounting for an online degree program that I am involved with and this basic accounting book is a life saver. It explains clearly the information you need and has quizzes that are a tremendous help in grasping the material." 

- Judy on Accounting Basics: Workbook

"Accounting Basics helped me understand accounting better than some of my accounting classes. Now I know and understand Debits and Credits and what accounts have debit balances and credit balances. I keep it in my desk draw as a cheat sheet for when I run into problems. It is clear and simple. Great stuff!!"

- Martha on Accounting Basics: Complete Guide

"Really easy to understand."

- Accounting Basics: Study Guide (5 stars)

"Awesome: This book is so helpful. It put accounting in simple terms. When you complete the book I guarantee you will have a better understanding of accounting."

- Accounting Basics: Complete Guide (Ruby, 5 stars)

"Very helpful."

- Accounting Basics: Study Guide (5 stars)

"Love it!"

- Accounting Basics: Study Guide (Debbie, 5 stars)

"Great Accounting Book... Learning the basics from buying this paperback. Thank you!"

- Accounting Basics: Dictionary (5 stars)

Educational Professionals & Institutions 

Accounting Basics materials are used at institutions across the country, such as:

  • The Kansas Department of Revenue (Audit Services),
  • The Southern Regional Education Board and the State of Kentucky (SREB’s Advanced Career project for high school students – used across 9 states),
  • Schools and colleges like Mount Saint Vincent College (NY), Western Colorado Community College (OFAD Quickbooks Accounting), Advanced Technology Institute (VA) and Benedictine College Preparatory (VA).

If you’re an educational professional and are considering our materials for any of your classes or programs, please reach out to us with your details and we’ll send you a sample copy of one of our books.

The Accounting Basics Series

Here is a table summarizing the 4 options in the Accounting Basics series:

Here is a table summarizing the 4 options in the Accounting Basics series (for mobile devices, switch to landscape view):

accounting study guide
accounting workbook
accounting dictionary
basic accounting book


Theory: all 52 lessons on this site plus another 8 new lessons

88 questions & exercises corresponding to the Study Guide lessons

300+ accounting & business terms

Study Guide + Workbook + Dictionary
all in one!

Page Count





Softcover Price





E-book Price*





* Retail prices for e-books listed on Amazon may vary - Amazon adjusts prices of Kindle e-books on their own. 

Have you already purchased one of the Accounting Basics books on Amazon? If so, do us a favor and leave a 5-star review and some nice feedback. That will help give other students an idea of the benefits they would get from using the books. Thank you very much!

Some Final Words...

Yes, there is a lot of great free accounting information on this site. But... there is loads more in the books.

And you're not just getting more theory lessons - you're getting tons of practice with accounting exercises. Remember, in accounting you're tested mainly through practical exercises, far more than questions on theory - so you need to practice, practice, practice

By the way, please do not confuse my books with Accounting for Dummies or Idiot's Guide to Accounting or similar books. I've read those books - they're nice, but here's the only thing wrong... In my opinion these books do not cover debits and credits in sufficient detail at all. They do not give you a truly solid foundation in double-entry accounting. 

And that - understanding the double-entry system - debits and credits - is the key to your accounting studies.

These sorts of books are specifically written for the business manager or working bookkeeper, not for the accounting student. The Accounting Basics series is written primarily for the student. It is based on the accounting 101 syllabus and will give you the solid foundation for the remainder of your accounting studies.

If you've found the lessons on this site useful, simple, easy-to-understand - well then my basic accounting books will really help you.

If you're struggling with any aspect of basic accounting, and/or if you're new to the subject and confused, this is what you need.

And remember, by purchasing any of my books you are also helping to support this website and keep the information here free for people all around the world.

Thanks for your support and all the best with your studies.

- Michael Celender (author)

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