My Inspiration !!!!!!!

by Vaiga Raj

Dear Mr. Michael Celender,

I have a great interest towards learning new subjects, but to be frank, I had the least passion towards something like accountancy.

My grandpa was an auditor at government service during the financial years of 1972-78 (The Government of Kerala, India). There is no one to continue that profession in my family.

My dad (abroad) who came up for this vacation to India, gave me an idea of preparing for Chartered Accountancy. I had a boost-up from my hubby's side too. Thus, I thought of starting up with the entrance preparation for CA. I am a bit weak in accountancy and so came up to your hands for help. As I was going through your study material, I got to subscribe for the newsletter.

Anyways, I have decided firmly that this is my WAY. So, I need ACCOUNTANCY very badly. I expect the best help in this regard from you too. Bye.

Warm Regards
Vaiga Raj

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