General Ledger Exercise

by David Muthui

The following balances are available from the books of Frema, a sole trader:

Balances as at 1st July, 2009:
- Dr. Balances in the sales ledger 314,600
- Dr. Balances in purchases ledger 3,500
- Cr. Balances in sales ledger 4,700
- Cr. Balances in purchases ledger 422,800

The following transactions took place in the month of July, 2009:
- Credit sales 198,900
- Credit purchases 164,800
- Returns inwards 11,700
- Returns outwards 9,600
- Cash receipts from debtors 175,500
- Cash paid to creditors 202,400
- Discount allowed 7,300
- Discount received 6,200
- Carriage charged to debtors 4,900
- Bad debts written off 1,000
- Debtors cheques dishonoured 11,600

Balances on 31st July, 2009:
- Debit balances in purchases ledger 2,800
- Credit balances in sales ledger 1,900

Show the control accounts in the general ledger.

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