Journal Entry Question
(Complex Owner Drawings)

by Raudah

How do I do the double entry for this?

Alex withdrew $100 cash and took goods costing $100 (selling price was $150) for personal use.

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(Complex Owner Drawings)

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Multi-Entry Transaction
by: Dean

This will actually be a single transaction with three entries:

(1) Debit the Drawings account for $200.
(2) Credit the Cash account for $100.
(3) Credit the Inventory account for $100.

Note that even with multiple entries, the sum of debits must always equal the sum of credits. In this particular case: $200 = $100 + $100.

Goods taken by owner for personal use
by: Tajammul Islam

In Case of Trading business the journal entry would be as follows

Debit Credit

Drawing A/c xxx

Purchases A/c xxx

Goods Taken by owner for Personal use

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