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Accounting-Basics-for-Students Newsletter: Five Surprisingly Exciting Accounting Careers
July 02, 2012

Welcome to the latest issue of The Student Accountant, the official newsletter of Accounting Basics for!

In this issue we have a great article we found on surprisingly exciting accounting careers. And as usual, we'll be providing you with the latest accounting questions posed by fellow students on the website.

1. Five Surprisingly Exciting Accounting Careers!
2. Latest Free Accounting Questions – Test Yourself!

1. Five Surprisingly Exciting Accounting Careers!

Accounting does not exactly have a reputation as the most exciting career. In fact, it's known as one of the most conservative and boring career choices. That's not to say that all people who become accountants are boring – far from that! Many accountants go crazy and like to party – but only after hours. ;b

But regardless of accountancy's reputation as a boring career, there are certain jobs within the field that are more exciting than others. In this great article entitled 5 Surprisingly Exciting Accounting Careers, Yahoo! Education goes over a bunch of them, including how much money you can expect to make in each one.

2. Latest Free Accounting Questions – Test Yourself!

Think you know accounting?

Test yourself by answering the accounting questions below, questions posed by fellow students on the website.

We've divided the questions into categories so you can focus on those that are most relevant to you.

Here are the latest questions:

Accounting Equation & Basic Accounting Concepts:

Basic Journal Entries:

Ledger and T-Accounts:

Financial Statements:

Inventory and Manufacturing:

Advanced and Random Questions:

There are many, many more free questions to try on the site. Use the site search box (top right of the screen) on any page of the website to search for free accounting questions on specific topics. For a list of the latest questions, lessons and articles, visit the Accounting Basics Blog.

Also remember that you can submit your own accounting questions at the bottom of the page of every lesson on the site. Due to limited staff and as we do not make any money from this, we at Accounting-Basics-for-Students no longer answer each and every question submitted. But if it's a good question we'll include it on the site itself and in our newsletter so other students can try and solve it!

Until next time, here's to your success as a Student Accountant!

~ The Editor
Accounting Basics for

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