Welcome to the first issue of The Student Accountant, the official E-newsletter of Accounting-Basics-For-Students.com! And along with that welcome… a Happy New Year to you too!

Apologies to anyone who signed up a while ago and has been patiently waiting for this newsletter… Due to a lack of a workforce it took a little longer to get out this first edition than expected. We promise to be a bit quicker in the future :)

Now, on to the newsletter…

In this issue:
1. Release of the official Accounting Basics for Students book
2. Questions from Student Accountants
3. Information You Want

1. Release of the official Accounting Basics for Students book

In case you haven’t visited the site for a while, we just recently released the official Accounting Basics for Students book.

The book contains all the lessons on the site plus
- A whole bunch more lessons on basic accounting topics (such as depreciation, bank reconciliations, bad debts, etc.) plus
- 88 accounting exercises and questions plus
- a bonus accounting glossary/dictionary plus
- a bonus article on How to Pass (or Excel in) Your Accounting Tests and Exams.

The book is available now at a special introductory price. For more information go to the Accounting Basics for Students book web page.

2. Questions from Student Accountants

In each issue of The Student Accountant newsletter, we’re going to list some of the latest questions from accounting students that have been posted on the Accounting-Basics-For-Students.com website regarding any accounting lessons and topics.

Some of these questions may not be of interest at all… If so, no worries, you’re not expected to read each one. Just browse through the list below and click on any questions that interest you to see the full article, and just skip the rest... Also, feel free to submit comments on any of the questions/articles themselves.

Here are the latest and greatest accounting questions that have been submitted and answered:

Hotel Purchase

Settlement Discount Granted and VAT

Bank reconciliation question

Carriage inward

Entry for a Free Sale

Recording Retained Earnings in the Journal

Sale of Non-Current Asset Question

The Difference Between Accountants and Bookkeeperz

Does the Provision for Doubtful Debts Go into the Sales Control Account?

What is Double Entry Accounting and Who Introduced Double Entry?

You can see a full list of the latest questions, lessons and articles by visiting the Accounting Basics Blog. And you can submit your own accounting questions at the bottom of the page of every lesson on the site.

3. Information You Want

We want to know what you would like to see in future issues of this newsletter. Click here to contact us and let us know what information you would like covered. If you’re not exactly sure, we’ll give you some ideas a little lower.

There are also a bunch of interesting new sections that we plan to add to the site to provide more value to you, the student accountant. But before we add these sections and send you more newsletters, we want to make sure we’re providing what you want.

So, please let us know what you would like to see on the site and in future issues of this newsletter.

Here are some of the things we’re planning at the moment:
- Accounting news (a section on the site for day-to-day news and developments in the world of accounting),
- “Your Voice,” a section on the site where you can submit your own story as a student or working accountant, as well as recommendations, tips, etc. for colleges, tutors, books, etc.),
- A “Submit Your Toughest Question” page, where students will submit the most gruesome accounting questions they have encountered and the person who answers it correctly (or the most correctly) will win a prize,
- The Student section, where you can find cool stuff that students need to survive like free deals and special offers, student job opportunities, etc.,
- An “Ask an Accountant” page, where you can submit questions to a real-life working accountant and find out what a career in accounting is really all about…

Click here to let us know what you think of these ideas, and/or to let us know what other information you want on the site and in the newsletter…

Hope you enjoyed our very first issue!

Until next time, here's to your success as a Student Accountant!

~ The Editor
Accounting Basics for Students.com

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