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Latest Questions from Accounting Basics For Students
August 26, 2013

In this issue:

1. Latest Questions
2. Get Our Softcover Book on Amazon!

1. Latest Questions

Need practice with accounting questions?

Test yourself by answering the accounting questions below, questions posed by fellow students on the Accounting Basics For Students website. Or if they're already answered, comment on them!

Accounting Equation:

Basic Journal Entries:

Ledger and T-Accounts:

Financial Statements:

Inventory and Manufacturing:

Advanced and Random Questions:

There are many, many more free questions to try on the site. Use the site search box (top right of the screen) on any page of the website to search for free accounting questions on specific topics. For a list of the latest questions, lessons and articles, visit the Accounting Basics Blog.

Also remember that you can submit your own accounting questions at the bottom of the page of every lesson on the site. DISCLAIMER: Due to verrrry limited staff (just me) and as we do not make any money from this, we at Accounting-Basics-for-Students no longer answer each and every question submitted. But if it's a good question we'll include it on the site itself and in our newsletter so other students can try and solve it!

2. Get Our Softcover Book on Amazon!

Did you hear about the official Accounting Basics for Students softcover book? It's available for purchase on Amazon, or you can order it through your local bookstore...

The book contains all the theory lessons on the Accounting Basics for Students website, plus 9 additional lessons, plus 88 questions and exercises, plus a whole accounting dictionary! With over 360 pages of accounting theory and questions, Accounting Basics: Complete Guide is probably the most comprehensive basic accounting guide in existence today. And with its concise and clear explanations and hundreds of diagrams and images, it is also the simplest.

The book is listed at $40 on Amazon (full price), but as a loyal Accounting Basics for Students subscriber you can use the coupon code F7WGJBVU to save $10 off the book. Enter it while you are checking out to get the book for only $30.

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Until next time, here's to your success as a Student Accountant!

~ Michael Celender
Accounting Basics for

P.S. If you would like to express your opinion on anything in this newsletter or on the site or anything else, please click here. I value your feedback.

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