by Angel
(South Africa)

Good morning!

My director of finance asked me to create a spreadsheet showing how the business is doing on a weekly base. I created a s-sheet with these columns: consultant name, month, timesheet no., t/s signature, t/s rate, t/s hours, t/s amount, project, invoice no., invoice amount & customer name. He says its not enough and i don't know what is missing, could you please help & tell me what to add? (So the s-sheet reflects the business growth.)

What you've created so far sounds good, but it also sounds like your director wants to see the total income and/or the total profit (or loss) each week. So this is what I would focus on the most. Work out how to show the total income brought in each week. Include the total expenses and a net profit (or loss) figure per week. Ask him if he requires cash inflow and cash outflow figures only, or if he wants income and expenses on credit too (not just cash). Hope that helps.

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